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and the D comes out of the room with this

it’s hillarious!! we ended up spending 1 hour watching his videos and then realised “oh shit” we haven’t finished cleaning the house for the inspection tomorrow.

anyhoos… you should check out mychonny on youtubeย  when you have the time. i know there are people out there that are that free..but seriously damn over wei. and wahlaus…if my son liddat, spray blood man!


i spent my whole night watching this

lilJ brought this back from KL and asked us to watch it coz he had heard good reviews about it. so he played it on for us and told us to let him know how it was (^.^)?? he did end up watching the first episode with us. as all series, it started slow and boring and took forever to get to the point. it did pick up after a while and i have to admit the concept it quite amazing.

the mini series; and i really mean MINI series as it only has 6 episodes. it’s about this dude that find a magical key that allows him to turn any door into a portal that leads a retro-pastiche hotel room that in turn is a portal to any place in the world โ€” a terminal hub, if you will, to his imagination. turns out this key is part of a larger puzzle โ€” one filled with similar seemingly ordinary objects that are, in fact, endowed with extraordinary abilities. e.g – ballpoint pen that allows its wielder to microwave opponents. Eyeglasses can allow its wearer to prevent combustion. A hair comb can stop time. Quite cool right?

when his daugther goes missing in the room…he embarks on the journey to bring her back. they encounter more objects…yadda yadda yadda..blah blah blah… the concept is cool, the show a little slow and i’m not sure what the ending yet since i’m on the 5th episode right now. i reckon they could have made it a little more chi kik but hey…if i was a director i’d be rich. (~.^)

unusual style

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they say short tights/stocking looking tights?? under denim shorts are damn onz. so i tried it.

so i bought short lace tights. it feels weird but apparently looked OK (according to the colleagues).

outfit: SUPRE

i reckon it looks better on someone with spidery legs…. ๐Ÿ™‚ pair it up with a pair of hot gladiator heels??….what do you think?

Very Danger

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Yesterday on the way home from work.. I spotted a car driving with it’s car boot wide open! The car next to it was frantically waving to inform the driver which didn’t seem to help.

It’s soooo dangerous! At least tie the damn thing down if the latch is spoilt.

the problem with Sydney is…..

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There is no place to go to grab a quick bite. Actually it’s not that there was no where to go, it’s just too difficult.

Me & D are the type of people that like to tapau our food home for dinner. Tonight, we actually decided to head to Arthur’s Pizza for dinner. When we got there, there was a queue and we couldn’t find parking. So, we decided to head Cogee to check it out. Again no parking.

This time we head to Randwick to try our luck. We found parking! Woo hoo… But nothing to eat. Wahlaus..

So we ended up with

this year the start of Chinese New Year fell on Saint Valentine’s day. it didn’t really bother us since V Day was just another day and Chinese New Year was definitely a big deal.

yesterday, we celebrated CNY with our friends and had our local Malaysian/Singaporean tradition of tossing “Yee Sang” which is basically chinese raw fish salad. half the fun in eating yee sang is tossing it and shouting words of properity, health; pretty much anything good for a person. the action of tossing is known as “Lo Hei “which symbolizes increasing prosperity, abundance and vigor.

“The Yee Sang is characterized by itโ€™s colorfulness. It is served in a large flat platter with vegetables arranged around a small serving of raw fish in the middle.”(we added jelly fish which has become a norm nowadays). You should see the mess we make after we tossed!

since we were all working people, we were all to lazy to actually make a home cooked meal, so we all tapau-ed food and brought it over which amazingly felt pretty home-made . this was all thanks to 1 dish which was actually home made. ๐Ÿ™‚

we had abit of excitement after dinner. the fire alarm went off with a man over the speaking annoucing “this is a fire alarm, please stay where you are until futher notice”. we all then started looking out the balcony if we could see the fire but heard the fire engines instead and suddenly an even louder alarm rang with the annoucement “please evacuate the building!” the funny thing about fire alarm is that no one really knows whether to leave or not. i reckon more than half of the building occupants didn’t evacuate…. oh and our dear friends wanted to use the elevator to get down! *smacks head*

opps, i forgot the flash

fire truck

10 minutes later, we went back home like nothing happened.

but the night was not over yet… our CNY dinner wasn’t over until people made money!! the boys started blackjack, we girls moved onto mahjong but kept being short of 1 player and then the boys continued on to playing poker.

teaching & learning

the lan tou kwais

and during intervals of rest time, we played Rock Band.

the rockstars

it was such a fun night, i went home with extra money in my wallet and my dinner covered… hehehe *grin*

Gong Hei Gong Hei – wishing everyone a very Happy Chinese New Year! May your eat plenty of kwei kar pet (love letters), pineapple tarts (which i forgot to steal off Lea yesterday), collect loads of angpaus and win loads of MONEY!!

No Internet can Die

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I love Saturday mornings! It’s the start of the weekend, I get to sleep in, laze and snuggle with D… no work to rush to and it’s all just chillaxing. ๐Ÿ™‚

When I finally get out of bed, I make breakkie (well kinda lunch really), turn on the TV and my laptop; Yes… I like to surf while I watch TV and do everything else. And then …. I realised the Internet is DEAD! Haihz – damn sien. Our blardy Internet has been unstable for a couple of weeks already.

In this day and age, being so reliant on it, no Internet can really die lor!