mini series: the lost room

Posted: February 24, 2010 in Uncategorized
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i spent my whole night watching this

lilJ brought this back from KL and asked us to watch it coz he had heard good reviews about it. so he played it on for us and told us to let him know how it was (^.^)?? he did end up watching the first episode with us. as all series, it started slow and boring and took forever to get to the point. it did pick up after a while and i have to admit the concept it quite amazing.

the mini series; and i really mean MINI series as it only has 6 episodes. it’s about this dude that find a magical key that allows him to turn any door into a portal that leads a retro-pastiche hotel room that in turn is a portal to any place in the world — a terminal hub, if you will, to his imagination. turns out this key is part of a larger puzzle — one filled with similar seemingly ordinary objects that are, in fact, endowed with extraordinary abilities. e.g – ballpoint pen that allows its wielder to microwave opponents. Eyeglasses can allow its wearer to prevent combustion. A hair comb can stop time. Quite cool right?

when his daugther goes missing in the room…he embarks on the journey to bring her back. they encounter more objects…yadda yadda yadda..blah blah blah… the concept is cool, the show a little slow and i’m not sure what the ending yet since i’m on the 5th episode right now. i reckon they could have made it a little more chi kik but hey…if i was a director i’d be rich. (~.^)


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