soooo exciting!!

Posted: March 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

i’m moving house this weekend and i’m sooooo excited i have butterflies in my tummy. i’m never been so organized during a move. previously i use to just chuck stuff into boxes and take many trips moving stuff over to a new place. NOW all the boxes are numbered and labelled by rooms. we even have an excel sheet that list out stuff in the boxes!! D is so organized, it’s awesome.

the funniest part about packing everything early is that we forget what we need to use. after packing all the plates and bowls we think we won’t use, we realised on CNY that we didn’t have any bowls to eat with. Then of course what is CNY without mahjong? So we had to dig it out of the box to play.

anyways… we’re getting our new house keys tomorrow and Friday will be a full day of house cleaning…ooo i can’t wait till we start painting and putting everything together. kan cheongs kan cheongs!!!


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