IN with the new, OUT with the old

Posted: March 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

and I say good riddance to the old place! months of kan cheongness is over and we finally hold the keys to our very first home.

kan cheong feelings soon change to exhaustion. moving house is no easy task… making sure nothing was left behind, going through everything so we don’t bring over unnecessary stuff we don’t need and so doesn’t help when you make an appointment to get your gas disconnected, they tell you that the guy will be there to check your meter between 8am – 6:30pm %#%^!!! damn WTF lor. best part? he’s a no show after waiting the whole blardy day…bleed!

so after all that, we have officially had our first night; traditions/culture and all. rice and tea leaves sprinkled around the house to feed leftover spirits and send them away, boiled our first pot of water and had our first meal (without a dining table) >.<

lots more to do but when it's your own place… it's worth it 😀


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