a knife sharperner, a PS3 game, face paint and a dinosaur!

Posted: March 16, 2010 in Everyday Life
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knife sharpeners are da bomb! i made bak kut teh for dinner yesterday and attempted to cut pork belly with a knife so blunt that it had trouble cutting veggie. then i remembered picking up a knife sharpener on my last trip to KL coz i was a cheapeskate and didn’t want to change my knives.

it’s my first time using the sharpener and now…i won’t be changing knives for a loooooong time… 😀

+ + + + +

last night we finally put FF XIII on…and WOW games nowadays are soooo real. the graphics are amazing, the story still abit confusing right now, mini chocoboo is adorable and like all FF games, there’s lots to learn. hadn’t realised how tired we were until the games started. i was watching D play and i was doozing off here and there – when i next opened my eyes, the screen was on menu and not moving…that’s when i realised D fell asleep too… hahaha we ended up turning off the game and taking a nap on the sofa….

it might take us a while to complete….but first, to buy the guide book!


woo hoo….after diggin into the sides of my foundation (coz i took too long to order them online), my new face paint finally arrives. i order them from the US coz it’s cheaper and when i buy bulk it’s free delivery. i know, i’m being a stinch…. still…

some kinda gorgeous, pocket benetint, confessions of a concealaholic & powderazzi

i love their packaging. it’s sooo pretty, makes opening them and using them much more fun. ooooo…pretty pretty!! oh and did i say i get samples too when i order them online? *happy*happy*


our home still needs a number of things, we have no storage shelves for our laundry, our foyer is kinda empty and we’re missing bits and pieces here and there… we thought we found our laundry shelves at freedom but when we saw them physically, they are TINY! you can hardly fit decent amount of stuff on it. so…instead we come home with a dinosaur

i swear, Gizmo is so spoilt when it comes to toys….


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