random fact – 198 million copies of IKEA catalogue printed in 2008

Posted: March 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

that figure supasses the Bible as the most printed item on the earth…. and for the 3rd weekend in a row, me & D were there..

o_O i am getting abit sick of the place but somehow i always still seem to find something that amuses me. they always have creative ways of organizing stuff … and today, we built a hidden little dressing table for me *grin*

and yes it may sounds like that are heaps of IKEA stuff at my place… I’m happy to say that you CANNOT find our rooms on any pages in the catalogue >.<



for god knows what reasons, in Sydney – everyone seems to be driving faster than me on the roads yet i am already at the speed limit (yes, ppl here follow the road rules because the fines are extremely high here which is why ppl follow the rules) *wahlaus…cheong heis gila. So maybe there is some kinda “Dummies Guide to Speed Cameras” that i don’t know about??


the not so right thank you cards

it only took me forever to write thank you cards to my relatives for sending angpaus and congratulation cards for my wedding. well actually, i was waiting to send them together with my wedding video :p

when the wedding video came so i finally got around to buying the thank you cards and when i decided to write my little personal note for each one, the inside of the card said “thank you for your expression of sympathy” o_O haihz.. i’m soooo crreeeever, never occured to me to check what was written inside the thank you card before buying it. lucky can return, if not WTH am i gonna do with those cards??


the next day it was sent back to me coz i used the wrong envelopes to send them…..

delayed again….haihzzzzzzz


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