happy happy for msredd and her nonsense!

Posted: April 6, 2010 in Family & Friends

just like always, i log onto my FB while watching TV and what do i see??.. msredd changed her status to ENGAGED! tricky update considering it’s April Fool’s day. so isit a prank? i log into my emails to check and ta dah…. an email from msredd wishing us Happy April Fools with an invite. takan she so semangat right?? so the next best thing i do is buzz her…. then realised that i had her OLD mobile number. *bleed* oh thank goodness for FB .. got her number an buzz!

“how you know it’s not a prank?”

wahlaus…. lucky we cukup friend, if not i sure foncused….
i wanna be there for the hens night!! after all that you planned for mine… revenge will be swweeettt!!! nyeknyeknyek

i’m soooo happy for you!! can’t wait for the big day

*stolen off her FB page….before she became a tattoo canvas 🙂


  1. carolynchon says:

    ho ho ho hen’s night? good luck with thinking there is an opportunity for you to ‘revenge’.
    no alcomahols, no crowds, no loud music, no chatter from strangers…


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