the weekend that left white marks all over me…

Posted: April 8, 2010 in Everyday Life, Family & Friends, Outings & Such

unlike in Malaysia where they get about 15 public holidays, Australia only gets 10 days. kinda sucky coming from a country with more holidays *blek* the one holiday to look forward to every year is Easter. it’s a guranteed long weekend since Good Friday will always fall on Friday and Easter Sunday is always Sunday hence making it a public holiday for Monday.

so…since we partied till late the weekend before and skipped on painting the next day, we decided to paint 2 days out of the 4 days we had off . did anyone tell you how long it actually takes to paint? let me rephrase that… how long it actually takes to prep the place to paint?? before the fun bit begins, we spend 2 hours prepping the house to make sure no paint gets onto the carpet. we tape plastic protector sheets downs and throw canvas over it. talk about double protection….

and still we manage to get a drop of paint in random spots. *smacks head* well the the trick to get rid of it is to realise it quickly and wipe it away with cloth and water ASAP! even though the floors were well protected, me & D definitely weren’t. we had white spots all over and the weren’t coming off…even after a scrub with hot water and nail polish remover…. someone even commented that i had unusual white hair -_-

a couple more weekends and we’re done!!!


little kids with easter eggs make picnics so much more fun…

after a tiring Sunday of painting, we were invited for an early picnic on Monday.everyone was asked to bring some food so we tapau-ed roast duck and char siu and everyone else brought all this:

there’s more on the ground….wahlaus..looking at it is making me hungry…

the kids who came for the picnic were soooooo cute!!

and Ethan…

i will always remember walking pass the chocolate eggs basket and hear Ethan saying “i wan the brruuueee one” with saliva dripping from his mouth.

the kids definitely had fun… we had fun too!

the view was great, it was relaxing, a lil gloommy… was a great way to to end a long weekend even though we weren’t looking forward to going back to work.

in the end, we all went home exhausted for just chillaxing and we have no idea why.??


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