sun, sea, abit of sand and alot of Gizmo

Posted: April 13, 2010 in Everyday Life, Outings & Such
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last Sunday’s weather was awesome. the sun was shinning, but the air was cooling. i was very relunctant to wake up for brunch when we went to bed at 5 am but the appointment was set so we dragged ourselves out of bed. it took us longer than we expected to reach Bondi Beach. we were so use to driving from Kingsford and we forgot that it’s further away now.

of course we were the last to arrive and then…. Gizmo was not allowed in. 😦 the poor boy had to sit outside while we ate. good thing we were sitting by the entrance so he could still just look up to us. i felt bad for the poor boy so after i ate, had light conversation, i decided to take him for a walk by the beach.

we ended up on a patch of grass where i could unleash him and he went mad. dashing right left and centre, confusing a poor kid who wanted to pet him. haihzz… the only thing i had missing was the D90. what to do? make do with my little Canon hand held lor..


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