craving, not having, is the mother of a reckless giving to oneself

Posted: April 16, 2010 in Everyday Life, Fashion & Shopping
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i’m been craving for a new pair of shoes… it’s autumn sale right now so most stores are on sale. during lunch me and SK saw a pair of militay boots that were sooooo cool! not really my style but with cravings, i was up to try anything new. unfortunately, they didn’t have my size 😦 …you know that feeling when you can’t get it, you want it even more? since it was late night shopping…. so i headed to a diferent branch, took me a while to find it but i did. no size but decided to try it anyway and realised that it made me looks shorts, it bends at weird places coz it was a soft material.. and after all that, i didn’t like it.

and then i walked to Novo. They were having the a 50% off 2nd pair sale! the signs are quite deceiving coz from a distance it just looked like 50% sale! so i came home with these….

eyelet ankle boots


muahahaha!! iiii have new shoesssss…. *skips away happily*


tonight’s menu for dinner is tuna mayo, egg mayo, potatoes & corn. i was mixing the mayo in with the tuna and onions when suddenly i decide to check the expiry date…why?? i dunno. low and behold it was expired!! there goes my 1st batch of tuna mayo…what a waste 😦 thank goodness i had an extra bottle.

wasted tuna mayo in the bin

*note to self…always check expiry dates for your sauces


i washed the car today!! squeaky clean.. 🙂 finally a nice clean car


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