it’s finally done and i can have my weekends back!!

Posted: April 19, 2010 in Everyday Life
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no more paint spots all over the place, including on me!! for some funny reason, i always get heaps of paint onto myself. DIY-ing just brings out the klutz in me >.<

if you think this is bad, wait till you see this!

hahaha damn bad shapes right??

we started painting the new place the week we got our keys. the walls were dirty and the colour was dull so we decided to liven up the place by painting a fresh coat (which actually does wonders) and adding feature walls to different rooms. semangats?? of course man.. it’s our first place!

we painted the feature wall in the bedroom blue…

the living room dark grey which makes the red stands our amazingly

and the rest of the house a very light whitish sandy brown white. confused much??

all our paints were Dulux except for the base… which i can’t remember now.

now that it’s all over, NEVER AGAIN!! the next time we wanna paint the whole place we are hiring people to do it. i reckon we would still keep the feature wall for ourselves to paint and amuse ourselves. 🙂

so here’s a tip : “don’t be too over ambitious with you DIY projects or you’ll eventually get sick of it and leave it hanging” o_O


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