we may be free to choose our actions but we cannot choose the consquences of our actions

Posted: April 22, 2010 in My Randoms
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ever played a game which got you sooo involved that you feel for the character? Young JW brought home “Heavy Rain“, developed by Quantic Dream which he started playing immediately and got both me & D hooked onto the storyline. A game that has 20+ different endings based on your actions and decisions throughout the game tells you how much games has evolved these days. whatever choices you make in the game can have significant and unforseen consequences.

before i realised the game was called Heavy Rain, i wondered why it was raining heavily in most scenes. And when i asked it aloud, D replied “Heavy Rain mah“… i didn’t get it, not funny also his response; but he kept repeating the same answer everytime i asked, and then i saw the cover of the game the next day. *smacks head*

the beginning of this games starts of really slow, but after 2 hours you’ll get so engrossed in the story you’ll not want to put the controller down, not even to pee! when you start caring about the character and are faced with difficult decision, that’s when it gets damn “chi kik”! you have decisions roaming around your head to pick from and depending on your characters emotions (nervous, calm, anxious…etc) it can become fuzzy, shaky or just spin all over the place.

the game is a murder mystery where young boys are kidnapped and between 3 -5 days later they are found dead. The killer dubbed “The Origami Killer” leaves paper origami (really cute ones i might add) in the hands of his victims and a single orchid on their chest. i won’t give away the whole for those who intend to play, of course. then again, even i don’t know the whole story yet. you play 4 different characters, each with completely different background and motivations and race against time to find the killer.

the controls are a little unusual using R2 to walk and the left stick to turn your head. i kept using the right stick to walk. -_- and turning the wrong directions. i guess you eventually get use to it. the one problem you might have?? you’re so busy watching what’s happening you forget to press the buttons!

this game definitely draws you into its world. i can’t say that this is a great review considering it wasn’t me who played the whole game. it was D while i sat and watched and felt like i was the character being played. there were random moments where D left me the controller while he needed to rush to the toilet. i do recommend gamers to try it or even if you don’t game, watch it being played coz you’ll definitely get suckered into the whole game. oh… and play it right, you get nudity in certain scenes 😀


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