Sydney Sales: Napoleon Perdis

Posted: April 23, 2010 in Fashion & Shopping
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SK got an update that NP was having a sale and we decided after lunch hour to drop by since it was 5 mins away from us.

it was pretty big showroom. it was filled with all sorts of products…. from make up cases, colour eye shadows, nail polish and other face stuff…

the middle section was where you get a little makeover….kinda. it gives you a chance to test out colours that might suit you.

and since i’ve been meaning to figure out how i look like in bright red lipstick….

i don’t think i’m fair enough…aphrodithe red. NAaaaaH… *shakes head* not quite the colour for me..

in the end… i came home with a lipstick set, mascara and eye shadow. i could have come home with more…. but control….

if you like make up it’s definitely worth checking out. I’m sure u’ll walk home with something.


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