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D reckons my ears are extremely dirty inside or i’m part deaf… i just think it’s selective hearing OR it’s the automatic response of “huh” or “what” while letting your brain process what someone just said. i’m just slow that way >.<

i’ve always heard about ear candling and how some say it’s cleans out your ears. it cost me 50 bucks to do this and i have to say, i’m pleasantly surprised. i expected a 5-10 minute procedure and to feel heat in my ears; it was meant to be candle wax after all or so i thought. instead, it took 30 mins, i got a face massage which i have to say was AWEEESOMEE! and it was actually pretty relaxing,. i could hear it though; it was the sound of when you light gun powder and it keeps sizzling. at first i kept waiting for the heat to touch my ears but it never did.

what happens is the hollow end of a candle is placed into your ear and lit on the other end. it’s suppose to suck out your ear wax and clean the insides or so some say…

sounds chi kik huh? apparently it’s a soothing relaxation therapy and you can DIY with a friend at home!

oh and apparently around reading around, it’s not so much for the ear cleaning….looks like D will still be going through the “huh”, “har” and “whats”… hehehe


almost the model

Posted: May 24, 2010 in Everyday Life

the company has jumpers that change colour when you touch it….

they needed a warm hand to get it to change colour, so i put my hands by the heater and tadah…..

i suddenly became a hand model. o_O oh if you like the SUPRÉ jumper click here.

did you guys see what google did for Pacman’s 30th anniversary?? awesome-ness!!

click “insert coin” and you can actually play!! how cool is that!!

oh here’s a closer clearer shot…

i was pretty excited when i got free tickets to watch CATS – the musical with Steph. i have heard fantasic reviews about it and it’s been going on like fooreeverrr. however being an oldie in the head (according to Steph), there was a lot of reluctance when we heard it finished just before 11 and it was a work night.

we had to do the touristy thing and take a picture in front of the GIANT poster

apart from knowing it had cats, i had no idea what the show was about.  so when everything started and i couldn’t really hear what they were singing, i got a lil bored. the lady next to me was so cute, she nudged me when the cats came close to our seats… she was soooo excited 🙂

he actually stood still and posed for my camera

the second half was much better and i started to enjoy it much more (maybe coz i had ice cream during the interval and was satisfied :D). there were different costumes, there was comedy and after a while, i kinda understood where the story was heading. oh and of course i finally knew a song they sang “memories” which made it even more enjoyable.

i reckon i would have enjoyed it more if i knew the music. i sang along all the songs when i watched the musical for lion king ^_^ . D reckons i soooooo not CULTURE, that’s why i didn’t enjoy it as much as everyone else did -_- i think he’s right! hahahah

we have plans to catch West Side Story in July, so should probably listen to the soundtrack before catching the musical… maybe in due time i will be very culture *grin*

christina’s released her video for her new single – not myself tonight. she looks freaking awesome and very hot. just didn’t think it was necessary to sex it up so much……  hmmmm what will her son’s school mates say? lucky still young… o_O

today was a very long day at work. early meeting at 8am then tones on the to do list which just kept adding up. yet after an extremely long day at work, i would rather cook dinner and eat at home then to tapau or eat out. it just seems easier….

so tonight’s simple dinner is kinda from a box….

somehow, the wrap doesn’t look as good as it taste..

i have to say, the seasoning for the meat was AWESOME!! since i wasn’t the biggest fajita eater, i actually didn’t know what the sides were and ended up serving chips with dinner. hahaha oh well, i had a lovely dinner.. did you? :p

lilBro has finally graduated! after missing his first graduation date and pushing it 6 months later so everyone could make it, he has finally worn that funny hat and gown to collect a scroll, OK fine his engineering degree. 🙂

the family flew in the weekend before to attend his ceremony and then it was dinner after dinner after dinner with them. i’m soooo stuffed it’s not funny.

dad had extremely sharp eyes and could spot his beloved son in the crowd while i walked around the area a couple of times and still couldn’t find him. me and bigSis got hushed during the ceremony coz we were busy talking after lilBro’s walk was over. ^_^

BigSis was the funniest. While walking to the graduation hall, she shouts my name and i see her holding the hand out as if scooping water then she says “do you have contact lense solution?” obviously not…then suddenly she goes “oh nooo” and looks at the ground. wanna guess what happened?? hahaha so for the rest of the day she was half blind and covered 1 eye whenever she wanted to get a good look. 😀 the best part? the ceremony hasn’t even start yet!

oh Z slept through the ceremony…….

we shared to buy him a nice watch as a graduation gift. he managed to guess what it was, don’t ask me how. then bigSis asks:

would you have preferred a black face or white face?
why? if he prefer the other can change meh?“…
thennnn…??”  -_- damn good…

then it was off to the restaurant everyone seems to head to after graduation… Kensington Peking!!