doggie smell

Posted: May 1, 2010 in Everyday Life
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dogs lick as a sign of affection which is sweet until you’re finish watching tv and realise your feet is covered in saliva and smells like dog’s breath. o_O

so to stop Gizmo from licking continously, we found out that if you yelp in pain, dogs stop doing whatever because they think they are hurting you. that’s what we do now…. everything Gizmo licks, we go “ouch“. it’s quite funny, coz everytime he’s with either one of us, you can hear from the other room “Gizmo ouch….gizmooo ouccch… GIZMO OUCH!” hahahaha

i just hope we don’t damage him pychologically by confusing him like this…. i just don’t wanna go to bed smelling like dog every night 😦

oh and after i took off his shirt to give him a bath, the red on his shirts stained his fur! he had pink shoulders and armpits!! yorrr….


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