if you haven’t seen ironman 2, you MUST!

Posted: May 2, 2010 in Family & Friends, Outings & Such
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you know how when you have high expectations for a movie, you normally end up feeling dissapointed because everyone has put the movie UP THERE? if you have high expectations for Ironman 2…. i think the movie will actually meet that expectations and you will walk out going… “wahlau… the techs, the effects…sooooo coool!!” šŸ˜€

i’m not going to ruin anything for those who haven’t seen the movie but seriously this is a MUST SEE!

we started off the night heading for Thai dinner at a restaurant called Bangkok which had unfortunately was either under renovations or had closed down -_- we ended up at this Thai restaurant on Pitt Street called Thanon Khao San which is an actual short street in central Bangkok which apparently had lotsa tuk tuks.

it was a nice cosy place and was quite packed. most of us were starving by the time we got there and couldn’t wait to eat.

since there was plenty of us, everyone was asked to order 1 dish and i ordered the roast duck with shitake mushrooms….turned out to be one of the better dishes *grin*

L accidentally ordered D’s dish as an entree instead of a main so you can imagine how SHOCKED we were when this came as a dish….

oh and they served us water in tin can cups…those that reminded some of us of hospitals, prisons, armies or camping. the portions we OK i guess, then again it could have been cause it looked like there wasn’t enough food for the starving people. the food was tasty, very spicy and very surprisingly we couldn’t find any curries on the menu. we ordered the mince pork belly with basil (very very spicy), grilled pork belly with chinese brocolli (i think pork belly should always be stewed but then that’s just me) but still tasty, fried fish with some kinda spicy salad (also very spicy), my roast duck, D’s pork wanton entree and other stuff which i now can’t remember. šŸ™‚

this kid was sitting further down from me… sooooo cute. he smiled at me when i waved at him

hahaha… i just had to!

we weren’t very satisfied after dinner and were all craving for dessert. so we picked up our movie tickets and walked to this dessert place around the corner…. they lost our business immediately after that told us that there is a minimum order per person. WTF!

since we had time to kill before the show… our dear friends entertained us with this….

they started dancing…

while me and Sab amused ourselves

if you wanna check out the restaurant, it’s at:

Thanon Khao San
413 Pitt Street
Haymarket, 2000 NSW
Phone: (02) 9211 1194


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