Posted: May 2, 2010 in Everyday Life
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i love getting my lashes done. i use to do it while i was back in KL coz having nice thick lashes just meant i didn’t have to wake up any earlier to get my makeup done before work  my eyes were already all pretty!! and of course lazy people like to get as much sleep as they can… 😀

i had found this beauty parlor that was called Eminence Beauty which charged $99 for extensions. i had a $5 off voucher coz i had a facial done there.



it is much longer but funnily not as thick as i expected it to be. but still very pretty… i guess it’s just done differently in KL and here…. i now have pretty pretty eyes! *dances around happily*

the beauty parlor is located at:

Eminence Beauty
Shop 5, 782 Danks Street
Waterloo 2017 NSW
Ph: (02) 8307 8693

it’s funny how after being in Australia for more than a year, i’m still hunting for places to do my beauty stuff. i’m still searching for the right place to do a good clean facial, this means thorough extractions to clear out all impurities and if possible a lil massage to seal the deal. yes…i’m extremely fussy when it comes to anything in the beauty servicing industry so if anyone has anywhere to recommend at the Eastern suburbs or in the city… do share?



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