Gizmo is a velcro dog….

Posted: May 7, 2010 in Everyday Life
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D & I reckon Gizmo has separation anixety. he kinda displays all the symtoms -_-

  • follows either one of us room to room whenever we’re home, even when he’s happily engrossed in his bone
  • he is frantically greets by jumping all over us when we get home, leaving scratch marks all over me
  • he goes crazily excited between our legs when we are getting ready to go out as if he’s trying to trip us
  • whines when either one steps out of the car even when the other is there
  • and then he drips pee like a leaking pipe when he clearly knows where to go toilet
  • and i also think he is starting to “lau hau sui” (drips saliva) …ekk

the poor boy must have went through too many changes in the past few months. being left at the pet resort while we were away, moving house and into a brand new enviroment. he must be paranoid that when we leave the house, we’re not coming back for him…. 😦 aiyooo poor thing

so now we have to change our routine with him

  1. no more greetings when we get home until he calms down.
  2. practice short moments of him being alone
  3. they say give him toys but i think he has plenty plenty which he quickly destroys
  4. play his tricks and reward him, it helps build him confidence when he gets it right
  5. er…exercise?? o_O …. does running up and down the steps count?

emo dog

gosh… it’s time to train him to be a man!


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