someone’s a big boy now

Posted: May 17, 2010 in Family & Friends
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lilBro has finally graduated! after missing his first graduation date and pushing it 6 months later so everyone could make it, he has finally worn that funny hat and gown to collect a scroll, OK fine his engineering degree. 🙂

the family flew in the weekend before to attend his ceremony and then it was dinner after dinner after dinner with them. i’m soooo stuffed it’s not funny.

dad had extremely sharp eyes and could spot his beloved son in the crowd while i walked around the area a couple of times and still couldn’t find him. me and bigSis got hushed during the ceremony coz we were busy talking after lilBro’s walk was over. ^_^

BigSis was the funniest. While walking to the graduation hall, she shouts my name and i see her holding the hand out as if scooping water then she says “do you have contact lense solution?” obviously not…then suddenly she goes “oh nooo” and looks at the ground. wanna guess what happened?? hahaha so for the rest of the day she was half blind and covered 1 eye whenever she wanted to get a good look. 😀 the best part? the ceremony hasn’t even start yet!

oh Z slept through the ceremony…….

we shared to buy him a nice watch as a graduation gift. he managed to guess what it was, don’t ask me how. then bigSis asks:

would you have preferred a black face or white face?
why? if he prefer the other can change meh?“…
thennnn…??”  -_- damn good…

then it was off to the restaurant everyone seems to head to after graduation… Kensington Peking!!


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