my attempts at culture..

Posted: May 22, 2010 in Outings & Such
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i was pretty excited when i got free tickets to watch CATS – the musical with Steph. i have heard fantasic reviews about it and it’s been going on like fooreeverrr. however being an oldie in the head (according to Steph), there was a lot of reluctance when we heard it finished just before 11 and it was a work night.

we had to do the touristy thing and take a picture in front of the GIANT poster

apart from knowing it had cats, i had no idea what the show was about.  so when everything started and i couldn’t really hear what they were singing, i got a lil bored. the lady next to me was so cute, she nudged me when the cats came close to our seats… she was soooo excited 🙂

he actually stood still and posed for my camera

the second half was much better and i started to enjoy it much more (maybe coz i had ice cream during the interval and was satisfied :D). there were different costumes, there was comedy and after a while, i kinda understood where the story was heading. oh and of course i finally knew a song they sang “memories” which made it even more enjoyable.

i reckon i would have enjoyed it more if i knew the music. i sang along all the songs when i watched the musical for lion king ^_^ . D reckons i soooooo not CULTURE, that’s why i didn’t enjoy it as much as everyone else did -_- i think he’s right! hahahah

we have plans to catch West Side Story in July, so should probably listen to the soundtrack before catching the musical… maybe in due time i will be very culture *grin*


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