shoving a flaming pipe in my ear

Posted: May 26, 2010 in Everyday Life, My Randoms
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D reckons my ears are extremely dirty inside or i’m part deaf… i just think it’s selective hearing OR it’s the automatic response of “huh” or “what” while letting your brain process what someone just said. i’m just slow that way >.<

i’ve always heard about ear candling and how some say it’s cleans out your ears. it cost me 50 bucks to do this and i have to say, i’m pleasantly surprised. i expected a 5-10 minute procedure and to feel heat in my ears; it was meant to be candle wax after all or so i thought. instead, it took 30 mins, i got a face massage which i have to say was AWEEESOMEE! and it was actually pretty relaxing,. i could hear it though; it was the sound of when you light gun powder and it keeps sizzling. at first i kept waiting for the heat to touch my ears but it never did.

what happens is the hollow end of a candle is placed into your ear and lit on the other end. it’s suppose to suck out your ear wax and clean the insides or so some say…

sounds chi kik huh? apparently it’s a soothing relaxation therapy and you can DIY with a friend at home!

oh and apparently around reading around, it’s not so much for the ear cleaning….looks like D will still be going through the “huh”, “har” and “whats”… hehehe

  1. Germaine says:

    I tried it !!!!!!! i was so scared hahaha

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