party like a school girl…

Posted: June 3, 2010 in Outings & Such
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that’s sort off what i did at arthouse last sat. we were dressed up like we were in high school (only our malaysia uniforms not so cool) so it was more like how japanese school girl can you get – for the girls that is 😀

D was sooooo cute!

i  didn’t quite jadi but ahhhhhhh…. too bad i only thought to wear suspenders much later on. D took my glasses, popped out the lens and wore it to complete his goodboy nerd look which i thought was extremely adorable… i think he’s cute either way lar :p

Ju had a friend visiting from the UK so she happily joined us at the party

more rocker than school girl , kill bill japanese school girl, really school girl, kwai lui school girl &  girly school girl

it was fun to dress up especially trying to figure out what to wear. i just don’t think i have as much fun at these parties anymore. i get bored way too easily, too picky with the music, it’s too hard to get drinks and everyone seems way tooo young. i swear me & D were probably the only married couple at this party…. haihzz  me not the so happening anymore  -_-


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