the smell of greenery, sounds of running water, the feeling of zen….my balcony

Posted: June 8, 2010 in Everyday Life
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don’t you just love sale season? when we first moved in, we had plans for the balcony.. but like everyone, we had budgets and plans for the balcony were on hold. and then sale season hits and the decking we were planning for the balcony went on sale… who could resist?

we also had to repot our plants since they were out growing their pots. being virgins at having our own gardens, we picked the easiest plants to maintain – the peace lily. apparently their easy, not quite so easy. either that or we’re just paranoid that our plant keeps drooping.

we had to use our camping light coz it got too dark too soon

just when we’re almost done, we pour in the stones and…..

we ran out. o_O BLEED! so i had to buy another bag of stones from Bunnings.

the sun came out the next day and the balcony looked sooooo goood 🙂 managed to snap a few shots before it started raining not long after.

see that short bamboo thing? we built it ourselves *beams proudly* we wanted something to block out the aircond compressor and ta dah!!

our beautiful balcony… all we need to do is add more plants, some with abit more colours, low maintenance and can survive with low light… anyone wanna share what plants we should buy?


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