the morning started like every other morning – having trouble dragging my butt out of bed while Giz was made little reminders to be fed. having gone to bed really late the night before, i had pulled out what i thought i should wear today (which of course i didn’t wear coz i didn’t feel like it) and so took up more time this morning to figure out what i FELT like wearing.

*for those who don’t know…. my timing is planned to maximise my sleep time, no time for error or i’ll be late for work* 😀

lilBro was working with me today so he was waiting downstairs at the cafe. as i was driving out of my parking spot, i saw a very grumpy looking lady holding her 2 children and shaking her head. even though i’m not a morning person, i was thinking to myself…..”wah need no need ar?” and then i found out why – the stupid garage gate was spoilt and we couldn’t leave the carpark!! wahlaus… so how? walked to the cafe, told my lilBro to take a cab to work while i took a train to the city for a meeting 😦

the  train cost me $8.60, if i was travelling during peak times it would cost me $10.80! damn the private train line then i got lost trying to look for my meeting place. lucky i was early so by the time i found the place it was just in time for the meeting (actually i think i was the last one to arrive ..eekk)

i love carrying a camera around..especially when it’s the DSLR. St James is one of those train stations which is damn old school which made it awesome to shoot. ppl were probably thinking i was some weird tourist, never see train station before.

grabbed a cuppa coffee, got the car out of the garage and rushed to work. after rushing things that were urgent, then it was off again to the july campaign photoshoot for the company. clearly cloudly days and google maps don’t go hand in hand so we got lost looking for the studio. after passing through the same junction 4 times, we finally found the place by fluke and made it for the final shot of the campaign. i, of course had to take a pic with our model, Stephanie Cherry.

near the studio we saw wickedcamper vans. looks damn cool….

after that it was back to the office and back to work. haihz… gloomy and raining days make it feel like you’re working later than you think. actually…. i can tell i’m working late when the lights are off around me -_-

do you realise that the rain makes people drive like morons? it’s like when a raindrop hits their windscreen a lightbulb in their head goes *ting* and tells them to “drive like an IDIOT!” i swear, they cause traffic jams, accidents and very annoyed people on the road.

moving on…. we’re running out of food at home coz it’s been 3-4 weeks since we last went grocery shopping. first it was coz we didn’t have the car, then of course we got lazy and now it’s WC. so only left with chicken breast in the freezer, i attempted to make chicken chop.

i have to say that it actually jadi-ed. doesn’t it look like KFC? hahaha we were happily enjoying our dinner when leanne called asking if we were attending the strata meeting. o_O omg! we completely forgot and this was a very important meeting as it affected all of us. so we dropped everything and rushed to the meeting we were already 1 hour late only to see people start walking out. we were clearly too late. DAMNIT…. so it was back home and back to our unfinished dinner……

so…liking the new blog design? 😀


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