lately we’ve been watching the whole series of The Big Bang Theory (slow i know) and we love it! it’s hillarious; who would have thought nerds would be soooo amusing. i think it’s also because D & i both think some of the stuff they do is really cool too. we started off with season 2 and couldn’t wait to watch season 1 once we got hold of it.

it was damn funny when at episode 1, they were eating indian food and then we felt like eating indian. and when Leonard Leakey Hofstadter walked out with a green star wars light saber…. guess who wanted one too!

so today we went hunting for lightsabers but instead came home with heaps of other stuff for the house. *thank goodness* i think the lightsaber will have to wait for a while since we came home with a brand new Nespresso Coffee Maker!

it came with 16 coffee flavours and a milk frother…. we may not be the biggest coffee drinkers but we definitely enjoy a good cuppa. so peeps, instead of going to a cafe, coffee at our place k? we charge cheap cheap! hahahah and that’s not the only think we came home with today.

we had been looking for nice new plates for a while now and since EVERYWHERE is on sale, we couldn’t resist. Can you guess which are the new ones?

we thought it was time to change it up a lil, we can also now have more people over for dinner since it’s a set of 6 instead of 4…. but wait, that’s not it… we bought something new to chase Gizmo around too – saves us lazy people from running.

we are sooooo gonna get fat this winter. hahahaha >.<


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