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we forgot we bought these sheets….. bright coloured pillows and fitted sheets to add a pop onto an otherwise dull & dark coloured covers.

don’t you just love brand new clean sheets?? can’t wait to jump into bed tonight and mess it up!


tonight i tried a new dish i learnt from nigella (the british cook) on TV. i love watching her cook, she makes everything look so easy and it actually is! if you have the ingredients of course…

this is my attempt at chorizo & scallops. it’s sooooo easy. fry the chorizo, remove from pan and chuck in the scallops and fry with chorizo’s oil. soooo simple and tasty!!

the pasta salad is from coles and garlic bread is ready made – just had to chuck it into the oven. as usual, cook too much food which means we have lunch tomorrow 🙂 awesome!

ever done anything like this?

Posted: July 29, 2010 in My Randoms

hahaha everytime this ad shows on TV i smile for sure. i really can imagine guys doing this when they are left alone at home..

how you done anything liddat??

today was a lonely day at work… boss worked from home and Steph was on her birthday surprise getaway (which i just found out on FB she’s heading to Melb). since i needed to pick up something from home, i decided to bring Giz along to keep me company.

silly boy couldn’t sit still… he wanted to cramp on my chair with me, climb on my lap and at the end of the day finally stuffed his head into his bed and slept.

well better to have company then to be allllll byyyyy mmmyyyysellffff………


i thought this was a cute match. lady gaga for teams up with marcus klinko & indrani (dynamic duo photographers) for hello kitty’s 35th anniversay. for someone who’s not really a big fan of lady gaga, she sure does stuff that captures my attention.

can’t spot hello kitty?? ta dah!! i’m sure there are plenty of hello kitty fans that would love a dress like this.

btw… this is old news in case you’re wondering…..i just lag >.<

he makes for a good model whenever i don’t have the camera…… and when i reach out for the camera not so the model anymore.

enjoy the cuteness!!! 😀

akai wins!

Posted: July 26, 2010 in My Randoms
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so we’re late in aussieland.. but see this 10 year old kid dance! sooo smooothhh…. coool bananas….

so young… so talented. marvelous!