Step Up 3D

Posted: July 1, 2010 in Outings & Such
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i’ve been invited to the preview screening of Step Up 3D – a Channing Tatum free edition 😦

don’t you think the asian poster looks much cooler?

a dance movie in 3D? this should be interesting, too bad like all previous step up movies, i’ve never heard of the bunch of people in it.  i am however looking forward to seeing Moose though – the goofy kid that has a cool dance style and the only one returning.  it hits cinemes in August 2010. stay tune for updates???


i have to say i enjoyed the movie alot. Moose is an awesome dancer, they’ve really stepped up the dancing (pun intended) and it was really quite amusing. the boys are nice to look at even though the lead couldn’t really dance (don’t think he was meant to) – the focus is more on Moose, it’s still corny and you kinda figure out the twist very early on.

there were moves clearly planned for a 3D movie and it made you feel like you were really there…. i seriously wouldn’t mind watching it again (thank goodness i have movie voucher for this show too so i can go watch it again with D) 😀


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