Australia’s Next Top Model *updated*

Posted: July 15, 2010 in Outings & Such
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more fun perks with the company – i have been invited to meet & greet the finalist of Australia’s Next Top Model! how awesome is that 😀

the finalist are going to be at SUPRÉ George St this weekend – 17th & 18th July from 11am – 3pm. looks like i’m going to be working….. at least i’ll be hanging out with pretty girls! 😉


champagne, finger food, beautiful people, sounds like fun? if knew more people or Steph had come along 😦 the finalist did a catwalk and the vintage styled clothing were beautiful; the shoes were probably a bit difficult to walk in coz i thought some of them walked funny (not that i can walk any better -_-)

the view from where i was sitting

Sarah Murdoch, host for ANTM

see all the pretty pretty dresses??

my little goody bag

too bad i only brought my lil canon… then again among the photographers there… shy lah bring out the D90. hopefully this weekend i’ll be able to take pics with the girls 😀


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