today’s dinner – baked pasta & deep fried asparagus

Posted: July 16, 2010 in Everyday Life
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i’ve never really been one for experimenting new food. i’m a the type that sticks to what i know. if i was testing a new dish during dinner, i would normally make sure that there is 1 dish that we would both enjoy for sure. today for some reason, our whole meal was experimental. *shocked*

i always thought that pasta bakes would be faster and easier than making normal pasta, dunno why…. but i was wrong. it felt like i had cooked everything and still had to wait for it to be baked -_- well definitely worth the wait with extra fried bacon toppings…. yum!

people who know me know i don’t fancy vege. eat it only coz i have to. D pretty much eats most vege and asparagus is one thing he like *blekkkk* we happen to have a bunch in the fridge and i figure if i never cook it’ll just rot. so i googled and picked a recipe that was simple and thought that i would eat it..

yeah.. took a bite and left the rest of the plate to him >.< who would have thought finally something deep fried i didn’t like.. hehe again my terrible estimation means we have plenty for lunch tomorrow. šŸ™‚


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