it was our 2nd year anniversary two days ago since we signed our lives to each other…. and guess what? it’s the 2nd time we sort of forgot >.< hahaha i had this nagging thought in my head for the past week thinking i was meant to remember something then it hit me today.. OMG our anniversary was on monday! *bleed* what’s the worst part?? my dinner sucked big time on monday o_O

this was what happened last year. click here

our conversation when i emailed him earlier today…

“happy belated anniversary! hahaha i just realised it 2 days past our anniversary!”
“YAHH!! somemore i remembered last Friday but forgot on Sunday Night. So what are we going to do this year?”
“at least you remembered earlier….i kept thinking there was something this month but couldn’t figure out what. haha somemore bak kut teh dinner fail on Monday! haha bad shapes….need to do anything wan meh?? R u finally going to take me out for a candlelit dinner? hahah i think rather spend the money on shopping :p we buy new coffee table to celebrate! haha”
“hahahah new coffee table”

when he came home he told me he didn’t want to set a reminder on his calendar in case i saw it. he wanted to wish me first…..and then he forgot ^_^ at least he tried. we’ll soon find out if we get a new coffee table this weekend……

Happy Belated Anniversary sayang… may we have many many more to forget in the future 😀



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