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new toys

Posted: August 31, 2010 in Fashion & Shopping
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gizzy loves his moose which not surprisingly is semi-destroyed. so while we were at ikea picking up some stuff for the house, we had to pick up an extra moose…. and a chicken…. and a pig. hahahaha we couldn’t resist. he seems to have a liking for hand puppets and oh he went crazy when we took it out. D & i wore one on each hand and you could tell in his eyes he wanted them all!

so cute right?? hahaha


on friday we played “lucky” (also known as poker pool) with JD and Clara. it’s been forever since i last played, probably back in college days. thank goodness can still pot some balls in. hehehe that’s not the best bit. we challenged boggled while playing lucky. talk about multi-tasking, it definitely threw off our boggle game. hahahaha


today i introduced Steph to boggle. she’s downloaded it straight away >.<


i received a lovely sample ring from GFA today.  it was really lovely, just nice for Spring 🙂

it was to match the bangles we ordered. it comes in 3 colours….. isn’t it prrreeeettyyy??


today just like every monday i had trouble waking up and pulled out what i thought was just easy and comfortable. a simple black dress and a comfy cardigan.

my one eyed owl

flower ring


have you ever gone shopping, spent heaps of money but came home empty handed? that’s what me & D did yesterday. we spotted this buffet for our place at the right price with the right design and decided that we better get it before it sells out. then while moving around our furniture to imagine placing an extra chair in our living room, we noticed our coffee table legs were cracked. o_O sheesh…. when we found the coffee table we wanted on sale, our table was fine. now that the sale is over… we need to get one. *smacks heads*

so after a couple of hours shopping and spending money…. we still walked home empty handed. all the items we wanted were in the warehouses and had to wait to pick them up. not fun at all….. sulks…..


gizzy went for a hygiene groom and now he is all fluffy and white… and now his hair is floating around the house -_-

if i was in Melbourne, but alas i am based in Sydney and will be going for a good cheap ($3 per plate apparently) sushi with some awesome company instead. good food, fun friends, wonderful way to start the weekend.

happy weekend everyone! i’m so glad it’s friday….. *grin*

sunny day

Posted: August 24, 2010 in Everyday Life
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spring is almost here and the sun was lovely today. steph and i soaked up some vitamin D for lunch, the weather was perfect. i also had members of the vdm family telling me that i’ll catch pneumonia for wearing a sun dress today -_- ahhhh pffttttt

look at the clear blue sky! and because it’s spring it’s still nice and cooling. haihzzzz… if only we could hang at the beach. soooo tempted to tell boss it’s such a lovely day out there, me & steph are heading to the beach *grin* we can only dream.

in your face

Posted: August 24, 2010 in Everyday Life
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just like every other dog, G loves the wind in his face so when i opened the balcony door …. he went straight there.

please ignore the terrible pictures…unfortunately this is the quality of my phone cam. and if i got up to grab my camera…G will just come running -_-

feeling a lil bored over the weekend i decided to scrub the kitchen stove so everything would look shiny. i tend to clean when i’m bored, angry, annoyed or grumpy. i was also procrastinating something i had to do which in the end left it till sunday night -_-

so anyways … not the point. i was actually just going to share this picture when i cooked after cleaning the stove. i thought it looked cool… like a hand reaching out to grab you!


Posted: August 21, 2010 in My Randoms
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i’ve always thought flowers were beautiful…but don’t expect me to plant any myself nor do i actually really fancy receiving bouquets of flowers (i rather them gifts i can keep) hahaha this morning D & J had to go vote, so i thought i’d take G for a walk in the park next to the voting place and came across these flowers. so preeettyyy…

G enjoying the wind in his face

aren’t they just beautiful??