we invited the bunch to come over for a steamboat dinner today. our planning is getting better – instead of taking months to plan a get together, it now takes us 2 weeks. the best was the housewarming one… it took only a week 😀

eating with everyone on a round table is so much more fun. food is easy to reach and everyone can see each other (even though everyone is in different conversations). D & I went to Chinatown to shop and buy stuff for the steamboat tonight. it’s a little confusing when you’re not sure what the stuff you want is called – e.g the clear noodle looking thing or the fishball that has roe in it…. which just means you can’t ask for help. o_O

it was a lot of balls, meat and mushrooms. syioks! sauces was homemade especially the chilli (not bad for someone who doesn’t eat chilli – D had to taste it to make sure it was edible hehe) and the rest was just a mixture of different sauces.

almost everyone here had an iphone. while some even had the ipad. apart from eating everyone was playing the their phones or ipad while talking. haihzzz… what has technology done to us? it was quite funny, the were playing scrable on their iphone and whenever it was someone elses turn they would go “eh your turn” *smacks head*

tonight was damn fun. we had plenty of food, played scrable on the iphone $%^&*, played PS3 even though they all play at home daily and caught up about random stuff. oh and the girls went home with some new stuff 😀

so….. crabs next round??


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