tonight jon organised a surprise birthday thing for germs… she’s turning a quarter of a century old :p i had no idea what the plans were…. all i knew was that it was a surprised and we were meant to be there at 6pm (it’s been ages since someone had such a big surprise party which kinda jadi-ed).

we were there early so we spend time sitting around and chilling…. i was just hungry and waiting to eat >.<

ping & leanne were the two that had to keep her out of the house till 6:30… apparently they were not very good lying coz she became pretty suspicious after a while >.< hahaha they were arguing about who stole who’s line when they got into the house.

whether she was surprised or not, i’m not too sure. all i know is i failed at the popper thing coz i couldn’t twist mine right. -_- bad shapes!

so sweet, he baked the cake himself and had some help cooking all the food. and she blew the cake before making the wish o_O

happy early birthday Germs…. you are about to be a quarter of a century old soon. hope you have an awesome one on the real day.


S & D


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