Posted: August 5, 2010 in My Randoms
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OMG bleeds! on tuesday, my friend messages me on gchat to complain about internet banking. how he couldn’t transfer funds overseas because he couldn’t fit the bank account number into the box. and after calling the bank, they had asked him to go to the nearest branch to make the transfer. i made fun of him asking if he had clicked onto the right tab….

the same night i wanted to make a transfer and realise my KL line wasn’t activated and since Hotlink didn’t have a customer service number i could call from overseas so i got my darling TKK made the call for me. i had forgotten to recharge my phone and now she has to go to the Maxis branch to sort it out for me. *thank you darls….what would i do without you*

when trying to change my details online i got the message to contact your nearest branch. what to do?? call them lo. D laughed saying “what if you cannot change over the phone”…my response ask them if they’re stupid ar?? cannot change my own details when i’m overseas” so i called up the bank – explaining my situation, explaining that i was overseas and probably won’t be back till next year and she told me “sorry miss but you have to head to the nearest atm or branch to change your details” o_O i have to admit she was very calm and patient with me and after telling her that this was ridiculous…kononz lar international bank cannot change details online….blah blah blah…yeah la security reasons but shouldn’t there be something worked out if you keep your account and live overseas???  blah blah blah… then she said can be done you i have phone banking. OK fine… can i register for phone banking “sorry miss you have to go to the nearest atm or branch to activate phone banking” WAHLAUZ!!!!

note to self: don’t make fun of your friends when it’s possible it can happen to you *smacks head*

  1. Chrissie says:

    I had the same issue, well similar, with Maybank. My account was inactive for X amount of months so they decided to freeze it. And so they sent a letter to a forwarding address to say that they have a new system whereby every month they will deduct RM10 for keeping the account suspended.

    So whilst i can’t even see how much money i have – if i even have any left, the banking people basically told me they weren’t authorized to check my account. And that i have to go to the branch where i opened my account to make further arrangements. And if not, they will continue to suck out money whether i like it or not.

    So now that i’ve been gone for over 2 years, that’s like at least RM240 gone just like that without even a nice thank you note! How rude.

    But isn’t that what an Online Banking System is for? To check if your account when it’s not convenient to go the bank in person. Hmmm. Someone forgot to read the Usuage Manual.

  2. crazynia says:

    hahaha same bank!!! they like completely miss the point for internet banking right? kononz lar international….

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