this movie is awesome-menawesome!! the last time a movie had me at the edge of my seat it was a “end of the world” kinda disaster movie; should have been 2012. the concept was amazing and joseph gordon lewitt is HAWT!!! hahaha i have to say leonardo has come a long way since titanic.

since me & D had free tickets for event cinema, we couldn’t book our tickets online which i think is damn stupid. so obviously when we went to bondi junction the movie was sold out; unless you wanted to sit in athe corner of the first row. poor EJ. then the 3 of us stood at the corner all using our phones to find out whether we could make it for the movie at fox studios and made a dash for it.

at first, D accidentally bought us tickets for the imax cinema o_O the last time i watch imax, it took me at least half an hour to get use to the screen. thank goodness we could change our tickets and i’m sooooooo glad we caught the movie. I LOVE IT! we came out trying to calculate the timing for each dream level. hahahah trust us for trying to find flaws >.<


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