peeptoe shoes warehouse sale!

Posted: August 13, 2010 in Fashion & Shopping, Outings & Such
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i got an email a while ago telling me about peeptoe’s warehouse sale happening this weekend. didn’t think much of it coz i didn’t really wanna shop and was thinking that hmmm shoe sales start from $50, it must be shoes that no one wants….. then today steph asks me “did you know that peeptoe is having a warehouse sale?? it’s just nearby. shall we go?” -_- of course when there’s someone to go with!

it’s actually just down the road from where i live. hahaha took us a while to find parking. had to queue before we went in but not for long…. then it was SHOE HEAVEN! we didn’t know where to start! i have to say that they arranged everything very well. all the sizes were put into aisles so you just had to walk down the aisle and see what they have in your size. there were heaps of staff and very friendly & helpful too. i can imagine the mess they must be going through  and crazy customers (experience of the FJ Benjamin days). So did i find anything i like?? OF COURSE!! as if i won’t come home with a new pair of shoes >.<

the packaging is so pretty. it’s like buying a little present for yourself – there’s a bow on the bag and on the box so when you go home and open it… it makes you feel all happy inside. hehehe well new shoes will do it anyway! 😀

my “miss Lmanema” in cream for $50. i’m soooo happy!!!


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