you like seafood? i love seafood. just before my wedding when i was back in KL, we went with a bunch of friends to Kepong to eat crabs. 8 people, 7 kilos! hahaha it was soooooo yummmy! pictures? what pictures?? everyone too busy eating lar. just a couple of weeks ago, i was craving seafood and you always have to eat seafood with a bunch of people or you just end up with 1 dish. luckily enough we were invited to a seafood dinner at beverly hills – Masthai. it sounds thai but it’s actually a chinese seafood restaurant. o_O

now the fisherman’s wharf seafood restaurant at the sydney fish market was at a completely different level. the lobster noodle was….. oooo laa laa… i couldn’t resist no taking a picture before we ate.

even thinking about it makes me “lou hou sui” (drip saliva) … and i was lucky enough to pack some leftovers home for dinner. my cravings for seafood has been satisfied…. for a while at least 😀

  1. Wow this recipe looks delicious! I love seafood as well! If you’re looking to buy healthy & affordable seafood at your local supermarket, check out Beacon Light’s new Steam Series in the frozen department. It’s scrumptious! Here’s my food blog

    Have a great day,

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