over the weekend D & I went shopping for new toys for G the Destroyer since he had pretty much destroyed all his toys. we also stopped by victoria’s basement because who doesn’t love shopping for their home. 🙂 we were looking for just a couple of items and of course came home with much much more. the most exciting thing i got was kylie kwong’s – simple chinese cooking.

being the main chef in the house, it’s up to me to make our meals a little more interesting and when i spotted this big with BIG pictures, i couldn’t resist. it ever thought me how to cut a whole chicken right….. i still can’t get it right though. o_O i normally rely on the internet but it gets boring after a while.

now to try new recipes…. too bad D was in Melbourne right after the weekend -_- today i finally tried my first recipe from the book.

this was the recipe….and this is my dish

not bad right? it’s amazing what a little sprinkling of spring onions would do to make the dish look so much nicer. and it actually tastes good too…. kylie kwong’s book – awesomeness!

  1. TCS says:

    Looks good Nia Nia! Keep it up! =)~

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