on friday we played “lucky” (also known as poker pool) with JD and Clara. it’s been forever since i last played, probably back in college days. thank goodness can still pot some balls in. hehehe that’s not the best bit. we challenged boggled while playing lucky. talk about multi-tasking, it definitely threw off our boggle game. hahahaha


today i introduced Steph to boggle. she’s downloaded it straight away >.<


i received a lovely sample ring from GFA today.  it was really lovely, just nice for Spring 🙂

it was to match the bangles we ordered. it comes in 3 colours….. isn’t it prrreeeettyyy??


today just like every monday i had trouble waking up and pulled out what i thought was just easy and comfortable. a simple black dress and a comfy cardigan.

my one eyed owl

flower ring


have you ever gone shopping, spent heaps of money but came home empty handed? that’s what me & D did yesterday. we spotted this buffet for our place at the right price with the right design and decided that we better get it before it sells out. then while moving around our furniture to imagine placing an extra chair in our living room, we noticed our coffee table legs were cracked. o_O sheesh…. when we found the coffee table we wanted on sale, our table was fine. now that the sale is over… we need to get one. *smacks heads*

so after a couple of hours shopping and spending money…. we still walked home empty handed. all the items we wanted were in the warehouses and had to wait to pick them up. not fun at all….. sulks…..


gizzy went for a hygiene groom and now he is all fluffy and white… and now his hair is floating around the house -_-


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