my first sale!!!

Posted: September 22, 2010 in Everyday Life, Fashion & Shopping
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omg…i’m soooo excited. i just got my first sale on ebay!! my closet is way too packed and filled with stuff that i would like to wear but never pull do. everytime i tell myself it’s time to time the stuff that you no longer wear out, i end up putting it back thinking that “i would definitely wear this”. 3 months laters and it’s still in the same spot untouched.

so one day, i finally decided – screw this, just pull it out of your closet, put it in a bag and give it to charity – farout i have items that still have their tags on!! D comes home and see my giant bag of clothes that i was gonna give away and goes “what a waste, why don’t you try selling it on ebay?” hmmmmm… sounds like a plan: get some extra cash and then more shopping!!! hahha i don’t think that was his plan o_O

yesterday was the day i was in the mood to do something productive and thought that maybe i should try this out. after taking god-know how long to figure it out, i finally uploaded 7 items. ebay is damn smart – they give you all these additional things that cost $0.10 – $1 for that extra advertising and it totals up to $20. wahlaus….so i took everything off and went for the most basic which ended up costing me $1.20 per item. hehehe cheapskate! hey..this is business wei if not how to make money??

just one night and i got 1 sale. i kept thinking it would never work. WHO would be able to find my stuff among millions of other stuff. so…..if you are interested, click here to view the items i’m selling. if u want something and am not in australia… pm me, we can work something out. hahaha



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