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we must have picked the wettest day ever to go one a road trip. it pretty much rained throughout the day. we planned an early start…first pick up at 8:30am and the second at 9. yeah right….waking up early is the worst thing we can plan. so we left at 8:45am, missed the turning to the highway…. got to the first point at 9:30, second point at 10 and rushed to the closest macca’s for breakkie only to find it closed -_- we did however manage tofind another macca’s closeby to have breakfast 😀

and so started our road trip originally heading to newcastle; we ended up in terrigal which reminded me of a smaller and cleaner manly. 2 hours after breakfast, we had lunch at terrigal. 😀 the boys can sure eat. we then made out way towards a look out point but i’m not too sure what we were looking out for. gloomy skies didn’t help but i bet it would be beautiful if it weren’t for the rain.

we also attempted a 1.5km walk until a short distance in we realised that it was too muddy and we didn’t have the right shoes on (much to jd’s happiness) so we turned back and began rubbing the soles of our shoes on the grass to rid them of mud. the next stop was “the entrance”. now when i heard “the entrance”, i kept wandering “the entrance” to what? when i found out it was a town, i was expecting some kinda grand arch greeting us with “welcome to the entrace”. man was i wrong….

this was the closest thing i found to telling us we were at the entrance. i was thinking back home, we have a grand arch just to separate kl & pj! i then found out that it is “the entrance” for where tuggerah lake meets the pacific ocean. the highlight of this place was the feeding of the pelicans. i knew pelicans were big birds but i never realised how big they actually were. we almost missed it because of the rain. we were about to drive off when the sun came out.

did i also mentioned that this trip was all about food? a couple of hours after lunch we had wicked wings at kfc, chicken in a bizkit in the car and then a good southern indian dinner at homebush. i think the place was called janani. if you fancy food with strong spices in your food, this is a place to go.

it was a long day. it was a really fun day and road trips are all about the company. there were loud moments in the car…then there were moments where everyone in the back seat were silent (all fell asleep). we didn’t have a plan, we knew we were heading 1 direction and that was it. hopefully our next road trip we’ll have better weather 🙂 can’t wait!