lego atlantis

Posted: October 7, 2010 in Fashion & Shopping, My Randoms
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are you one of those kids who always wanted lego but couldn’t play with it coz your parents thought it was ridiculously expensive? it is still kinda is but when you earn your own money, i guess it’s up to you how you wanna spend it 🙂 i wasn’t the biggest toy person, i was more into watching cartoons so when there was nothing to watch on tv, i switched onto nickelodeon and the movie “lego atlantis” was on. it was actually pretty cool coz not only is it lego but they really take the components of lego like rebuilding a battle ship from parts of a lego table (if that makes sense) >.<

D loves lego and he is amazing at it like i mentioned here. just like a kid, when we saw the lego atlantis i could tell that he wanted it. so we bought just a few pieces BUT it wasn’t enough. actually it was me that said he should get a bigger piece to complete the scene so we could display it on the shelf. you know the best bit?? we don’t even have the shelves yet.. hahaha but doesn’t it look awesome?



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