Archive for October 11, 2010

i went sailing for the first time ever yesterday and it was sooooo awesome! it’s great that they taught us to do pretty much everything from lifting the sails to steering the boat to figuring out which ropes to pull and release. definitely more work than it sounds. thank goodness i didn’t come home aching.

since there were 8 of us we were broken into 2 crews. us (pic) and matt, EJ & jin. we took the bigger boat but loss the final race coz of the handicap. actually no fair la coz my crew were mostly first timers and it was no surprise EJ’s team won because he was in it :p of course it wasn’t only us sailing club o2 – move outdoors organised the skippers for us to have boats to teach us and sail in.

the exciting bit was when the boat was at almost a 90 degree angle. you had to hold on or you’ll fall off the boat for sure! i had a few shoulder and butt cramps just coz i was holding on so tightly at odd angles o_o but there were wonderful moments where we got to just chill and enjoy the calm ride.

and even though the sun was out…. i was freezing at the end of the sail! note to self to bring a jumper the next time..l. after the race, it was off  for a bbq…. ahhh food is alway good after sports.

great weather, great time… i wanna do it again!