Archive for October 17, 2010

in attempts for a healtier lifestyle, D & i started playing badminton with some friends. D started a couple of weeks back but because i had work commitments, last tuesday was the first time i played and OMG…. i came home aching. in fact, i think my body only healed on friday. i have no idea how they play an extra hour more than me and walk away like it was nothing o_O

since i never owned my own racket and we were making this a weekly sport, we went all the way to seven hills to buy our equipment. D got this super cool limited edition peter gade arcsaber 10 racket which not only looks good but feels awesome when you swing too (so say our expert friends) got signature somemore wei! i on the other hand got the cheapest racket there which turned out to be a pretty decent one. in fact, not even the lowest range – yeay to me… 🙂 i am now the proud owner of an isometric racket.

we were so excited with our new stuff (and because SOME people also got new stuff… :p) we booked the next available court and of course i came home aching even more…. hope everything heals by tuesday or else confirm DIE!….. and if i continue to ache like this every time i play, i’ll never get to wear my heels >.<