Archive for October 26, 2010

happy birthday leanne!! apart from that crazy saturday night you had, i hope you’re enjoying your delicious lobster today.

the theme was to wear checks or polka dots (can you tell???) and since D doesn’t have either one, we went hunting for one and found a really nice shirt. semangats? it’s really the only time to convince him to shop for clothes. men…..

we headed to a place called monkey magic. we did hear decent reviews about it but i think coz we were such a big group, it didn’t seem to turn out that great. and for $45? we were still hungry at the end of the night. i have to say kudos to anne for the awesome cake (the alexis type tiramisu cake which i miss). when they brought out the cake, we sung ever so loudly, the poor birthday girl was red in the face. hahaha but we obviously had to announce it to the world right??

after dinner? we had to get the birthday girl drunk so we were off to mr.b’s where she pretty much never left the bar. in fact, i hardly saw her…  😀 very interesting pics on FB that night… heheheh