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summer dress

Posted: October 22, 2010 in Fashion & Shopping
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dress from supré; shoes from siren

this is the babydoll dress as some might call it… or also known as the pregnant lady dress. hahaha no i’m not preggers nor planning anytime soon. so anyways, since spring/summer is here, the company has come out with a number of pretty dresses and this being one of them. you can’t really see my face in the shots coz i was tired and didn’t have much make up on… >.< plus it was the end of the day and i was going to head home soon so no point. i love these pair of shoes from siren, too bad they aren’t mine. darnit!! sponsors anyone? hahahah

p/s: my birthday’s coming.. *hint*hint* hahahah i kid i kid


so not spring….

Posted: October 21, 2010 in My Randoms
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they say it’s spring… yeah for a few days and then the sun is nice and bright but the wind? crazy chilly!! #$$^#$@ well, at least the sun was out which was really nice. the weather’s been a little unpredictable lately… it’s sunny one day then it’s gloomy the next. the sun is out but the air is cold 😦

also… i think my hair colours has changed?? lighter?? i like how it seems to glow in the sun *grin*


Posted: October 20, 2010 in My Randoms
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didn’t realise how light my hair was until steph sent me this pic we took at antm. looky looky we have the same hair colour…. well almost. i’m not really fancying it much though. i guess i’ll keep it for summer until it grows out and i’ll have to re-do it again -_-

in attempts for a healtier lifestyle, D & i started playing badminton with some friends. D started a couple of weeks back but because i had work commitments, last tuesday was the first time i played and OMG…. i came home aching. in fact, i think my body only healed on friday. i have no idea how they play an extra hour more than me and walk away like it was nothing o_O

since i never owned my own racket and we were making this a weekly sport, we went all the way to seven hills to buy our equipment. D got this super cool limited edition peter gade arcsaber 10 racket which not only looks good but feels awesome when you swing too (so say our expert friends) got signature somemore wei! i on the other hand got the cheapest racket there which turned out to be a pretty decent one. in fact, not even the lowest range – yeay to me… 🙂 i am now the proud owner of an isometric racket.

we were so excited with our new stuff (and because SOME people also got new stuff… :p) we booked the next available court and of course i came home aching even more…. hope everything heals by tuesday or else confirm DIE!….. and if i continue to ache like this every time i play, i’ll never get to wear my heels >.<


Posted: October 15, 2010 in Family & Friends, My Randoms
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steph is such a sweetheart. she brought a macaron for me. prior to masterchef, i never even noticed this little things and these is my first ever macaron. it’s really really REALLY sweet. i stopped after 2 bites (not that it’s even that’s big) but it was way too sweet to finish in 1 bite. the funny thing is, after 2 bites…. i stop but my mouth still waters and wants more…… tsktsktsk *shakes head* sweet indulgence ahhhhhh

i went sailing for the first time ever yesterday and it was sooooo awesome! it’s great that they taught us to do pretty much everything from lifting the sails to steering the boat to figuring out which ropes to pull and release. definitely more work than it sounds. thank goodness i didn’t come home aching.

since there were 8 of us we were broken into 2 crews. us (pic) and matt, EJ & jin. we took the bigger boat but loss the final race coz of the handicap. actually no fair la coz my crew were mostly first timers and it was no surprise EJ’s team won because he was in it :p of course it wasn’t only us sailing club o2 – move outdoors organised the skippers for us to have boats to teach us and sail in.

the exciting bit was when the boat was at almost a 90 degree angle. you had to hold on or you’ll fall off the boat for sure! i had a few shoulder and butt cramps just coz i was holding on so tightly at odd angles o_o but there were wonderful moments where we got to just chill and enjoy the calm ride.

and even though the sun was out…. i was freezing at the end of the sail! note to self to bring a jumper the next time..l. after the race, it was off  for a bbq…. ahhh food is alway good after sports.

great weather, great time… i wanna do it again!

are you one of those kids who always wanted lego but couldn’t play with it coz your parents thought it was ridiculously expensive? it is still kinda is but when you earn your own money, i guess it’s up to you how you wanna spend it 🙂 i wasn’t the biggest toy person, i was more into watching cartoons so when there was nothing to watch on tv, i switched onto nickelodeon and the movie “lego atlantis” was on. it was actually pretty cool coz not only is it lego but they really take the components of lego like rebuilding a battle ship from parts of a lego table (if that makes sense) >.<

D loves lego and he is amazing at it like i mentioned here. just like a kid, when we saw the lego atlantis i could tell that he wanted it. so we bought just a few pieces BUT it wasn’t enough. actually it was me that said he should get a bigger piece to complete the scene so we could display it on the shelf. you know the best bit?? we don’t even have the shelves yet.. hahaha but doesn’t it look awesome?