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moving blogs

Posted: November 23, 2010 in Everyday Life, My Randoms

hello hello…. i know i haven’t been with wordpress for long but…..i have decided to move over to blogger. so for those who come here, please click here.


D’s new hobby at the moment  are bikes. he’s been busy researching for a bike of his own but holding off from buying one until our circumstances are better; so he just buys the accessories -_- we checked out this bike shop at fox studios which carried the brand of the bike he wanted. i of course wasn’t quite so interested so i was roaming around and i spotted this! maybe i should just add it onto D’s bike ^_^ then i can go along to his rides. imagine going off trail sitting behind him….. i’ll probably jump off! haha

alex and JD have been telling us about this awesome chicken place call clems at newtown. it’s not the kinda place you order and have a sit in dinner, it probably more comfortable to tapau (takeaway) and eat in the comfort of your own home. last weekend, we finally have a chance to try it and ooooooo it was yummy. it wasn’t of course only the fact that we were starving since it was almost 10pm but i swear the fried chicken was as good as kfc!!

we had left the order to alex & justin and talk about overkill, plenty of fried chicken, roast chicken, mushrooms and potatoes, egg salad, potato salad and seafood salad. they also gave us a cold sandwich and some extra buns. we had so much leftover that we had it for lunch and still have extras for dinner. oh but it was sooo good so… we are having it again tonight for dinner!! can’t wait….^_^

clems chicken shop
crn king & brown streets
newtown nsw 2042
02 9519 6000

oh… and i’ve been lucky enough to have it brought over to our place so i’ve never been there. don’t ask me for directions k…. đŸ˜€

butterflies in my tummy

Posted: November 18, 2010 in Everyday Life

it’s 6am right now, i’m been up since 530am. why?? i’m feeling anxious… VERY. and no it’s not coz i’m preggers like everyone seems to automatically jump to when i put up a status update to say i’m nervous. i remember the day i stopped working, all i did was send my cv out for job applications continously. i did get some calls back, lots of rejections but have been lucky enough to score interviews with a couple of fashion brands. i have a 2nd interview later today and have been having dreams all night about the interview. nothing good, nothing bad but the butterflies in my tummy is keeping me awake…..then again maybe it’s the chocolate cake i ate last night >.< wish me luck!

that’s life

Posted: November 17, 2010 in Everyday Life

ahhhh life. things take a turn when you never expect it. for those who don’t know, i got retrenched. who would have thought. it’s quite depressing really. affecting me is not such a bad thing as i can deal with it but it affects D too. i mean it’s not the end of the world, it’s just bad timing.

for a while now D has been eyeing a car he’s been wanting but of course we bought a new place, had to pay for our wedding and it wasn’t the right time. thinking that’s it’s been some time, everything’s more settle, the house it sorted, the wedding is done it is a good time to get that car he has wanted for a while. so after looking at the same car for a year, we finally headed to the dealers, told them what we wanted and ask them to hunt it down for us. “not a problem” they said. the very next day, i was told that my postition had been made redundant o_O ish! fine…. nevermind. 2 days later, the dealer calls to say that they have found what we wanted -_- wahlauz damn fast. then again, they always had very good service.

you see, if i had been told a day before … we hadn’t had gone to the dealers and wouldn’t be soooo close to getting the car D wants.  oh and of course we wouldn’t have put our car up for sale too. it’s not that we can’t afford it. *fingers crossed* i will find a job soon… very soon i hope (getting stressed out that i’m not working) but we don’t really want to commit into something without my steady income. i just feel terrible coz if it weren’t for me … we would have got the car. D has told me not to worry about it, it’s not my fault, it’s only a car after all and waiting a while more won’t kill us. so sweet…

but i still can’t help but feel it is…. i’m job hunting now, all recruitment sites are my best friends and waiting to hear some good news; keeping my fingers and toes crossed that something comes along before christmas so my migraine from the stress will go away, so i don’t wake up with that OMG feeling in my tummy everyday and we can get on doing what we want to do without worrying. boooo this sucks *sulk*

oh… what i would give to one day attend a victoria’s secret fashion runway show. super hot supermodels adriana lima, alessandra ambrosio, candice swanepoel, erin heatherton, chanel iman and lily adridge, sexy lingerie, wings; so beautiful wings….. *nose bleed*

executive producer monica mitro and designer todd thomas walk through this year’s themes……all soo gorgeous ^_^



i swear G is the piggy-est dog i know. he wakes me up in the morning just to get me out of bed just so i would feed him then he’ll go back to sleep. and coz he likes to be close and isn’t allowed on the bed, he would sigh, make small whines by the side of the bed till i’m up, get me out of bed only for him to sleep next to me on the sofa. silly boy…. after realising how many pics i take of him sleeping, look at that!@#$! and that’s just a handful of pics from my phone. the boy sleeps so kang kang (legs wide open)…..haihzzzz… no shame…. no shame.. *shakes head*