that’s life

Posted: November 17, 2010 in Everyday Life

ahhhh life. things take a turn when you never expect it. for those who don’t know, i got retrenched. who would have thought. it’s quite depressing really. affecting me is not such a bad thing as i can deal with it but it affects D too. i mean it’s not the end of the world, it’s just bad timing.

for a while now D has been eyeing a car he’s been wanting but of course we bought a new place, had to pay for our wedding and it wasn’t the right time. thinking that’s it’s been some time, everything’s more settle, the house it sorted, the wedding is done it is a good time to get that car he has wanted for a while. so after looking at the same car for a year, we finally headed to the dealers, told them what we wanted and ask them to hunt it down for us. “not a problem” they said. the very next day, i was told that my postition had been made redundant o_O ish! fine…. nevermind. 2 days later, the dealer calls to say that they have found what we wanted -_- wahlauz damn fast. then again, they always had very good service.

you see, if i had been told a day before … we hadn’t had gone to the dealers and wouldn’t be soooo close to getting the car D wants.  oh and of course we wouldn’t have put our car up for sale too. it’s not that we can’t afford it. *fingers crossed* i will find a job soon… very soon i hope (getting stressed out that i’m not working) but we don’t really want to commit into something without my steady income. i just feel terrible coz if it weren’t for me … we would have got the car. D has told me not to worry about it, it’s not my fault, it’s only a car after all and waiting a while more won’t kill us. so sweet…

but i still can’t help but feel it is…. i’m job hunting now, all recruitment sites are my best friends and waiting to hear some good news; keeping my fingers and toes crossed that something comes along before christmas so my migraine from the stress will go away, so i don’t wake up with that OMG feeling in my tummy everyday and we can get on doing what we want to do without worrying. boooo this sucks *sulk*

  1. Chrissie says:

    Well that sucks. Sorry to hear that you lost your job. Well you could look at it as a way to do something you REALLY want to do. I dunno, maybe there’s a profession you’ve always had an eye on but never thought you would be good at.

    Being a freelancer doesn’t guarantee me a steady income and so i’m looking into get a job… somewhere. As what, i’m not quite sure yet. But i’ve been tempted to find work at the zoo because i like animals. Whether that works for you, i’m not sure.

    Whatever it is, good luck!

    • crazynia says:

      Haha u know what’s one thing I wished I had learnt?? Graphics… 🙂 I do randomly try it out now and then but wahlaus… No clue man. Hehe

      Wow.. Work at the zoo, that sounds like fun especially when it’s not like our zoo negara! Hahaha I say go for it.. An having a proper stable income would e good for u guys. Not having to worry about money coming could help lessen stress levels 🙂

      How exciting u’re moving to a new city… Me and the hubs are eventually planning to travel to Europe so mayb we’ll meet.


  2. Chrissie says:

    Well i refuse to work in the insects department and won’t dare to go near the butterfly park [should they have one] – yuck!

    As for learning graphic design, i guess you could do online Illustrator/Photoshop tutorials to help you with the skills. That is if you’re interested in learning more. Most of them are pretty straightforward.

    Traveling and going around Europe can be really beautiful, especially when the weather behaves. Well give me a holler should you be on this side of the world, you never know what the new year has in store for us all.


  3. crazynia says:

    if i were to work in a zoo…i would like to play with the elephants and hopefully not get trampled by them *grin*

    i have been trying out those tutorials… due to short attention spans, i play for a while then i leave it and when i finally get back to it… i have no idea what i have done previously. hahaha since my laptop is currently a piece of junk…i shall hopefully pick it up again when i get a new laptop…one day 🙂

    if u ever do decide to come down under…and i mean sydney… lemme know. can’t offer a room but can happily offer you rides around town or be abit of a useless tour guide which i belive to be good company. haha

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