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Posted: November 23, 2010 in Everyday Life, My Randoms

hello hello…. i know i haven’t been with wordpress for long but…..i have decided to move over to blogger. so for those who come here, please click here.


D’s new hobby at the moment  are bikes. he’s been busy researching for a bike of his own but holding off from buying one until our circumstances are better; so he just buys the accessories -_- we checked out this bike shop at fox studios which carried the brand of the bike he wanted. i of course wasn’t quite so interested so i was roaming around and i spotted this! maybe i should just add it onto D’s bike ^_^ then i can go along to his rides. imagine going off trail sitting behind him….. i’ll probably jump off! haha

i swear G is the piggy-est dog i know. he wakes me up in the morning just to get me out of bed just so i would feed him then he’ll go back to sleep. and coz he likes to be close and isn’t allowed on the bed, he would sigh, make small whines by the side of the bed till i’m up, get me out of bed only for him to sleep next to me on the sofa. silly boy…. after realising how many pics i take of him sleeping, look at that!@#$! and that’s just a handful of pics from my phone. the boy sleeps so kang kang (legs wide open)…..haihzzzz… no shame…. no shame.. *shakes head*




lately i’ve been noticing more and more asian girls are using extra big contact lenses to gives their eyes this really dolly look. it’s actually quite pretty. so… me being curious and all, i too decided to give it a try and ordered 2 pairs (black & purple) from here.

D says i look scary in the black and the purple looks damn fake >.< no one’s gonna believe my eyes are purple anyway. hahaha can you actually tell the difference without a before picture?? the next time i wear them, i’m going to add the whole fake eye lashes and see if i actually do look like a doll. 😀

talk about overkill – chicken breast wrapped in bacon with melted tasty cheese! and steam peas mixed with butter and salt….. after that we play badminton to burn it all off 😀 and then i come home and snack on peanut butter toast >.< looks like i’ll never loose any weight. hehehe

i’ve always liked actresses who pulled off the classic look. anne hathaway looked gorgeous for the cover shoot for vogue. photographed by mario testino, dressed in amazing outfits and shot at awesome locations. *sigh* so preeettyyyyyy….she really does the audrey hepburn really well.  read the article here.

so after my last post, i couldn’t wait to bake my first cake (on my own) and bought all the ingredients i needed to make the simplest butter cake recipe  i could find. it wasn’t so hard but i did make a mess >.< i also misread the recipe and mixed it wrongly but manage to still mix it all together in the end. hehehe

just imagine turning on the mixer when the flour is all loose… *poof* hahaha i had to mix it in the sink coz it was getting everywhere!! eventually everything was nice and fluffy and i poured it into the baking can and put it in the oven. all done,  so proud.. 😀 the receipe said an hour… but checking after 50 mins it was almost burnt so i took it out and let it cool.

i have to say for my first try not bad lah… people say that baking isn’t so hard and i guess they are right. the cake did turn out ok, it was moist inside but D said not sweet enough. well, it’s still edible and if you’re not too much of a sweet tooth then it’s a-ok.

i took the recipe off taste. click if you wanna have a look at the recipe…. hmmmm what shall i attempt to bake next??