thats what the [PANG] clans wives are right now. husband? what husband? 😀 with the launch of the new black ops, our other halves are busy levelling up, unlocking new contracts and have their eyes glued to the tv as soon as they get home. D had pre-ordered the call of duty: black ops prestige edition which came with the rc spy car and i have to say, it is pretty cool for now….

even the casing for the game looks cool. hmmmm…… i wonder how long i’ll be lonely for? coffee anyone?? hehehe





i had 2 cakes this time. they had bought me the most delicious rich tempered soft white chocolate cake from guylian and oooooo it just melts in your mouth. it was so soft the candles wouldn’t stand straight on it. poor clara had to hold the candles until the boys finally came to the table. it did stay up long enough for the to sing me a song 🙂

it was a pretty easy going day. slept in as we normally do on weekends, ate lunch and we headed to test drive a car D wanted. yes.. it’s almost as if he was buying me a car for my birthday. hehehe

we went to home thai for dinner and the food was absolutely yummy. the pork dish we ordered was…. omg so good, it was so good we ordered TWO! oh and i think we ordered almost every dessert on the menu. the cool part about the place? they use ipads when they place your orders and have LV pouches to hold them in. we were like o_O !! we also had this bunch of people sitting next to our table that kept eyeing our food. in fact they actually tapped clara on the shoulder to ask her what the dishes we ordered were. we didn’t really mind it but it was kinda uncomfortable that they kept staring at our table and POINTING.  tsk.tsk. so we thought get them to take a group picture for us since we’ve been so nice. we ended up having to do the same for them -_-

it was after cake cutting where the craziness began. we finally had a chance to play our lego pictionary since we were in a group. it was me, D & clara in a team and alex, jd & justin in another. we did cheat a lil considering we were making stupid sounds to explain what we were trying to build. we laughed until our jaws hurt, realised that alex and jd are on the same wave length and justin created a way for us to identify how to build animals 😀 i can’t believe we were up pretty much all night and had mackers breakkie before heading to bed at 6am. i definitely haven’t done this in a while…..

thanks for all the birthday fun! please come back and help finish the cakessssss……





gone are the days where we partied our birthdays away… actually those days were gone ages ago -_- now it’s the many birthday dinners to catch up with friends that you no longer see as often as you should. instead of dreading the turning a year older (maybe coz i think i’m still young…. or actually just forget how old i am – signs of old age o_O), i enjoy the love everyone shares by wishing you be it through phone calls, facebook messages or emails.. oh and the very random cards.

grace took me to this really nice japanese restaurant at crow’s nest called sakana-ya which translates to “fish monger”. the fish she ordered melts in your mouth. it’s a really nice little restaurant, cosy and it felt like the both of us were really loud >.< we were so engrossed in our conversation, we didn’t notice that it was getting late.

D had picked up lilBro with a cake and we were just chilling till midnight. the next thing you know, kei arrives in his masterchef outfit (after work), leanne pops up with the rest of the boys and it will a really nice cake blowing session with ginormous “2” & “8” candles. so much for keeping my age a secret! …. lilBro so cute – instead of buying me a gift, he had homemade muachi for me. 😀 i’m soooo blessed.

round 2 tomorrow!




i don’t wear much accessories on my wrists even though i think it’s pretty. and charms are the cutest things. little handbags, shoes, robots and so many other kinds, if it was my own i wouldn’t even know where to start. i picked these 2 charms from thomas sabo for a friend’s birthday present because i think her charm bracelet is a little bare. it’s time to fill it up 🙂 i hope she likes them.




never enough 😀 i bought these pair of adorable shoes about a month ago on ebay for $20 plus free postage. i have to say it’s a great bargain. the problem about buying shoes online is not being able to try them (and of course it feels like it takes forever to arrive) but for 20 bucks… i was willing to did help that they gave you exact measurements for each size so i pulled out my measuring tape to make sure the shoe would fit and it does!! i know what shoes i’ll be wearing this weekend……

lately i’ve been noticing more and more asian girls are using extra big contact lenses to gives their eyes this really dolly look. it’s actually quite pretty. so… me being curious and all, i too decided to give it a try and ordered 2 pairs (black & purple) from here.

D says i look scary in the black and the purple looks damn fake >.< no one’s gonna believe my eyes are purple anyway. hahaha can you actually tell the difference without a before picture?? the next time i wear them, i’m going to add the whole fake eye lashes and see if i actually do look like a doll. 😀

talk about overkill – chicken breast wrapped in bacon with melted tasty cheese! and steam peas mixed with butter and salt….. after that we play badminton to burn it all off 😀 and then i come home and snack on peanut butter toast >.< looks like i’ll never loose any weight. hehehe